About Us

About FacialWorks

Facialworks is all about one thing... taking the best of skincare and making it accessible, affordable and fun! We realized that there are a lot of people out there looking for skincare treatments and products that actually work but are also affordable. We also realized that the traditional skincare experience of painful treatments and lying in dark rooms for two hours was outdated. We asked ourselves what would happen if we offered 40-minute hydrating oxygen facials for the affordable price of $50 in a cool facial bar setting. We thought that sounded like a pretty great place... so we built it!

Meet Our Team

Meghan Gilboa


Meghan is the founder and skincare guru at Facialworks. Skincare has always been her passion. Her journey to opening the first Facialworks location in Newport Beach, California began back in 2009 with a skincare blog. Meghan's blog covered all things skincare including products, beauty and the spa industry. She continued with this for several years while she worked as an Esthetician for plastic surgeons in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Her love of skincare brought her to Newport Beach in 2011, where she opened her first skincare studio, Skintologist. During this time Meghan listened and learned from her clients and started to see an absence in the skincare industry. She felt skincare was lacking a fun and social aspect so she decided to start Facialworks. Fun, quick, and affordable oxygen facials, this facial bar experience can be enjoyed by everyone!

Jason Gilboa


Jason is the co-founder of Facialworks. A USC grad (go Trojans!) whose background is in commercial banking and financial sales, Jason handles all the behind the scenes at Facialworks; business, IT, marketing, branding you name it! Jason also developed the Yogi Wipe (TM) a non irritating and hydrating post workout facial towelette.

Brooke Gross

Store Manager

Brooke is our Regional Manager and team coach! She has been with Facialworks since the beginning and has grown with the company. She strives to make every clients experience at Facialworks the best it can possibly be. Brooke is passionate about changing people's skin to make them feel beautiful and confident. She loves to educate our clients and staff on how to achieve the healthiest skin they can. She was born and raised in Southern California, where she resides with her boyfriend and cat Louie, meow.